Embracing A Healthier Version Of You

The taste of one of our iconic, rich, and earthy mushrooms extracts will give you a new appreciation for what nature has provided for us. It’s time to nourish your body and spirit through these powerful-healing fungi!

Embrace the wellness revolution while enjoying My Fungi’s extracted mushroom powders today!

Get 100% Pure and Organic Extracted Muschrooms – No Preservatives Added

My Fungi mushroom extracts are healthy. With a fungal base extract from organic forest ingredients, we deliver high-quality medicinal grade mushrooms with disease fighting properties without pesticides or additives. Grown in our labs, these antioxidants boost immune system function, have few calories, and are high in fiber content.

Maximize The Power Of Your Immune System

In the face of a global pandemic, it is a necessity to do whatever you can to stay healthy. One benefit of mushroom extracts are the beta-glucans, as these extracts help to boost your immune system to fight short and long-term illnesses.

Strengthen Your Heart Health

Your heart is the strongest muscle in your body — protect it with all your might. Mushrooms have Vitamin D which help to regulate your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and help the heart be safe against cardiovascular disease.

Battle The Big C

If there is one disease that everyone dreads it is cancer. The abundant antioxidants in mushrooms will give your body additional armor to battle cancer cells.

Add Extracted Mushrooms To Your Wellness Routine

One thing the past two years has taught the world, it that health should be every person’s top priority.

Take care of yourself by adding mushrooms extracts into your diet. The best thing about extracted mushrooms is that it is a subtle and perfect way to supplement your nutrients.

For their nutritional benefits, introduce My Fungi to your kitchen — place an order today!
Mushrooms extracts by My Fungi are processed locally. My Fungi operates under the guidelines of Canada’s Good Manufacturing Process.